TEA REVIEW: MiCacao’s Natural Cacao Tea


Tea provided for review

MiCacao Natural Cacao Tea Spoon

Description: “Herbal chocolate tea made from the shell of the cacao bean.”

Review: I admit that I am a huge chocolate fan, so when MiCaco reached out to me and offered to let me try their tisane, I couldn’t say no! The tisane is made out of 100% cacao and is a blend of shell and nibs of the cacao bean.

The dry cacao was earthy and sweet, with a scent of dark chocolate, which became more pronounced when wet. The steeped liquor tasted earthy and fruity, with a lingering chocolate aftertaste. The aroma was sweet and chocolatey.

I could see this tisane tasting really nice with some additives such as milk which would make the liquor creamier. I would love to dry more chocolate teas in the future (3/5 rating).

  • Type: Chocolate tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Low
  • Ingredients: Cacao
  • Other: Sugar-free, organic, gluten-free, vegan-friendly
  • Company: MiCacao

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