TEA REVIEW: Genuine Tea’s Uji Matcha – Ceremonial Grade

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Genuine Tea Matcha Uji

Description: ‘This is a ceremonial grade, summer harvest Matcha from the finest tea growing region of Uji, Kyoto.”

Review: Genuine Tea is a tea brand that I came across over a year ago. I found their company while looking for Canadian brands. They kindly offered to send me some sample of their teas. I received a large range of teas from white to herbals. My reviews of the teas are here if you want to read more!

Then last January, I was able to meet David and Sarah, the owner of the company, in person at the Toronto Tea Festival. I sampled a few tea at the event and ended up buying some. This matcha was one of them!

The dry matcha powder was finely milled, had a dull olive green colour, and a nice grassy aroma. I didn’t see any large lumps when I was sifting the power into my bowl. The powder mixed very well with the water and there was a fair bit of frothing.

I noticed that unlike the matches I’ve had in the past, the directions for this matcha called for a lower powder to water ratio. So, it made sense that after whisking the dark olive liquor had a much thicker texture.

Lastly, the matcha had very strong grassy notes and almost tasted like freshly cut grass. The liquor also left the mouth feeling slightly dry. I think this was a good example of a nice matcha that leans more towards a grassy flavour (3/5 rating).

  • Type: Green tea
  • Origins: Japan
  • Caffeine: Unknown
  • Ingredients: Stone-milled Japanese Matcha green tea
  • Company: Genuine Tea

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