DAVIDsTEA’s Green Spiral | Tea Review


DAVIDsTEA Green Spiral spoon

Despite being a very classic tea, I have to admit, I have only had Bi Luo Chun (means “green snail spring”) a few times. So, when I saw it on the DAVIDsTEA website, I decided to give it a try!

Description: “We love that this tea is rolled up like a little adorable little snail shell. But its clean taste and just-there notes of peppery arugula are what hooked us.”

Instructions: 16 oz water | 1-2 Perfect Spoons | Hot water | Steep 2-3 mins

Review: I normally buy most of my teas in stores because I like smelling and tasting the teas (if possible). However, I was making an online order and I noticed this one on sale, so I figured that there was no harm picking it up!

The dry leaves were off-white and green and twisted into a ‘snail shape’. They had a very delicate and fresh smell. After steeping for 2 minutes, the wet leaves were a unified light olive green and most of the leaves had unfurled. The leaves had a freshly cut smell with an undercutting nutty note. Liquor-wise, it was a faint hay colour, which reminded me of rose-gold, and had a mildly fresh grassy smell like the wet leaf.

DAVIDsTEA Green Spiral wet dish

The tea started off nutty and then it faded away and more grassy notes became predominate. It was very mellow with no bitterness or astringency. Like with some green teas, be careful with steeping. I found that steeping it too short gave a very mild infusion, but however, steeping slightly over did cause it to start carrying some astringency.

This would be a nice tea for someone new to tea, assuming it wasn’t over brewed. I think that the nutty notes may be more palatable for someone who isn’t used to the strong grassy notes of some green teas. This was quite mellow and I liked the nuttier taste (3.5/5 rating).

  • Type: Green tea
  • Origin: China (Yunnan Province)
  • Caffeine: Medium to high caffeine
  • Ingredients: Chinese green tea
  • Company: DAVIDsTEA

The Question of the Post: Have you ever had Bi Luo Chun?

7 comments on “DAVIDsTEA’s Green Spiral | Tea Review”

  1. Yunnan Sourcing also has some wonderful Yunnan Black teas in this style. I love them and keep having to reorder!


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