TEA REVIEW: Petali Teas’ Moonlight Jasmine

Petali Teas Moonlight Jasmine White green tea Spoon

Description: “A beautiful jasmine tea with the subtlety of jasmine blossoms and the amazing flavour of jasmine pearls.” – via Amoda Monthly Boxx

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TEA REVIEW: Yunomi Teas from Yunomi Farm Direct, Tsukigase Kenkō Chaen, and Kurihara Tea

Tea provided for review

Yunomi Tencha Sencha Green Tea Spoons

Since I am on a quest to learn more about straight teas, one part of the world I have been tasting a lot from is Japan – their green teas in particular. I think that there is a lot of skill and dedication involved in growing and producing green teas that have such a wide range of taste.

Today, we will be trying three teas – a tencha (which is used to make matcha) and two senchas.

Let’s go!

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TEA REVIEW: High Noon Tea Co.’s Malawi Lilongwa Pearls, Guan Yin Blue Oolong, and Caramel Apple Herbal Blend

Tea provided for review

High Noon Tea Co Green Oolong Herbal Tea Three Spoons

High Noon Tea reached out at the start of the year and offered some of their teas for me to try. They had a large selection, so I asked them to recommend what they thought would be best. I find that this a great way to try out what a company has to offer because I noticed that in the past, I would stick to a small selection of familiar teas. It is always fun to try out a tea that is a little bit out of my comfort zone!

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