TEA REVIEW: Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company’s Moonlight White, Jasmine Pearls and Red Jade

Tea provided for review

Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company White Green Oolong Tea Spoons

I came across Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company some time ago, and I fell in love with all the teas that they offered! I reached out to ask about shipping, but Paul, the owner, was kind enough to offer to send me some teas to try! The teas will be split into two posts: this one featuring a white, green, and oolong, and a later posting with only oolongs!

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TEA REVIEW: Sips by October Box Featuring West China Tea Company, Nepal Tea, The Tea Spot, and Camellia Tea

Tea discounted for review

Sips by Oct Spoons

This is my second monthly box from Sips by. I have to say, I really enjoyed my first box because it gave me the opportunity to try some new brands. One thing I still like about the boxes is how the tea is sent in the brand’s own packaging, so you’re able to get a sense of the company. I think that that is a neat touch! Continue reading

TEA REVIEW: High Noon Tea Co.’s Malawi Lilongwa Pearls, Guan Yin Blue Oolong, and Caramel Apple Herbal Blend

Tea provided for review

High Noon Tea Co Green Oolong Herbal Tea Three Spoons

High Noon Tea reached out at the start of the year and offered some of their teas for me to try. They had a large selection, so I asked them to recommend what they thought would be best. I find that this a great way to try out what a company has to offer because I noticed that in the past, I would stick to a small selection of familiar teas. It is always fun to try out a tea that is a little bit out of my comfort zone!

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