TEA REVIEW: Teabox’s Peach Passion Tea, Indian Marigold Tea, and Red Thunder Autumn Oolong Tea

Tea Box Oolong Teas Spoons

When I think of India, I tend to think of black teas from Assam and Darjeeling, so I have to admit, I am pretty excited to try three different oolongs! Two are blends, and one is a straight tea. Since oolongs can vary based on production, I am curious to see how these will taste.

Let’s go!

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TEA REVIEW: Teabox’s Selim Hill Classic Summer Green Tea, Barnesbeg Summer Green Tea, and Wah Classic Spring Green Tea


A few weeks ago, I tried a flight of white teas from Teabox. Since I’ve only ever had a few white teas, I was surprised at how different each one was! This week is green teas from the same brand. I grouped these three together based on the palate profile provided by the company which noted that these teas all had a vegetable or green taste.

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