Due to the short nature of some of my posts, I think it is important to have an additional page that outlines the types of teas and ingredients I don’t like. I do try to avoid teas with certain ingredients, but sometimes at the store, the initial smell doesn’t seem so bad.

Below are some reasons a tea may have received a low(er) rating:


  • Bitter teas: Many bitter teas, to me, taste like medicine and as a child, I was often sick. Therefore, these flavours tend to brings up bad memories.
  • Floral teas: I am not a huge fan of floral scents or tastes, especially roses.
  • Very sweet or tart teas: I tend to not like these types of teas.


  • Cinnamon: I am sensitive to it (it gives me bad headaches) so I avoid teas that feature this ingredient.
  • Liquorice: I do not like the taste or smell.
  • Papaya: I had a very bad experience with papaya as a child. Therefore, anything that smells or tastes strongly of papaya will receive a low rating.

Note: Please always check the company’s official website regarding food allergies and ingredients.