Brewing Tea

I generally do not provide information about how I brew teas in my blog posts because it is not a hard fact, but something that can be tweaked and modified based on personal preference. That being said, I want my readers to have a general idea of what happens behind the scenes.


I tend to follow the individual tea company’s recommendations when it comes to the steeping style, the amount of tea, temperature, and time. I drink my teas hot without any additives, such as milk or sugar, unless it is strongly recommended by the company to do so.

Steeping Style:

Depending on what the company recommends, I will use either Western or Gong Fu style when reviewing teas.


With white, yellow, and green teas, I err on the side of caution and go with the lower recommended steep time from the company. However, with other teas, I will steep closer to the maximum recommended time. Depending on the tea, one or two minutes less.


Starting late 2015, I  give most of my straight teas a quick 10-second rinse. This helps with removing impurities, loosening, and ‘waking up’ the leaves.


I use local tap water that I filter through a charcoal filtration system.