JusTea’s Little Berry Hibiscus | Tea Review

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JusTea Little Berry Hibiscus Herbal Tea Spoon

Description: “This has a full-bodied blueberry finish, hints of citrus and notes of honey from the rooibos.” – via Amoda Monthly Box

Review: I’ve tried a few teas from JusTea, but this was the first blend from them that I have tasted. I really enjoyed their straight teas, so I was excited when I saw this in my box!

I was expecting a more floral aroma but the dry leaves smelled much more herbal. That being said, the contrast in colours in the ingredients was very pretty!

After steeping, there was more of a floral and citrus aroma, especially from the liquor. Due to the hibiscus and berries, the liquor was a lovely rose gold colour. The first notes I tasted were lemongrass and elderberries, and the sip ended off earthy, most likely from the rooibos.

However, I found the blend rather tart, which may have been from the hibiscus and berries combination. I think that this might be nice as a cold brew tea, which will mellow out some of the tartness. I know many of the teas in the last few monthly boxes have been meant for cold brewing due to the summer months (2/5 rating).

  • Type: Herbal tea, rooibos
  • Origins: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Caffeine-free
  • Ingredients: Organic hibiscus, rosehips, black currant, cranberry, blueberry, elderberry, organic lemongrass, organic rooibos, organic licorice root.
  • Company: JusTea

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