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Amoda Tea Tropical Pear White Tea Green Tea spoon

Description: “Green pears are delicious and refreshing and when mixed with white tea, tropical fruit, a few dark berries and floral hints, you get an incredible blend for hot or iced tea.” – via Amoda Monthly Box

Review: I don’t think that I have tried too many green and white tea blends. However, the combination does make sense since both of them steep at lower temperatures.

I expected a mild aroma, so I was surprised at how strong and fruity the aroma of the blend was. I was able to pick up the smell of strawberries and some fruitier notes. The wet blend was more earthy and sweet and the tea leaves were in small pieces.

The tan-brown liquor had an earthy aroma and it made my mouth feel dry after sipping. It tasted very mild, woodsy, and earthy with some sweet fruity flavours.  I wonder if this will taste better iced, which might bring out more of the flavours (2/5 rating).

  • Type: White tea, green tea
  • Origins: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Low caffeine
  • Ingredients: Bai Mu Dan white tea, green tea, pineapple, apple, strawberry, currant, rose petals, hibiscus, rosehips, marigold & mallow flowers, natural flavour
  • Company: Amoda Tea

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