DAVIDsTEA’s Witch’s Brew | Tea Review


DAVIDsTEA Witch's Brew Spoon

This year, Halloween lands on Wednesday, and I post on Thursday. However, when I saw this blend, I knew that I had to get it! It was such a cute blend with its orange witch hat and black bat candies!

DAVIDsTEA Witch's Brew dry

Description: “Creamy, decadent and sinfully sweet, this tea will leave you bewitched after one sip.”

Review: One thing I really enjoy about DAVIDsTEA as a brand is how colourful the tea blends can get. I know that in the past there have been blends with maple leaves, red lips, and even candy canes candies. This blend was no exception, and I can’t think of anything more emblematic of Halloween than a witch’s hat and bats. One thing to note is that this blend is only available online exclusively.

They dry blend had a nice chocolate smell and it oddly reminded me of a cake and coffee after steeping. The liquor was a reddish amber and mildly cloudy. It was sweet as soon as it touched the tongue and then ended off earthy with a lingering cocoa flavour. The earthy notes from the rooibos were very present. I found that the liquor had a thicker mouthfeel and that the flavours lingered on the tongue.

DAVIDsTEA Witch's Brew wet
Overall, this wasn’t a bad blend, but I found that the rooibos was overwhelming, and I expected more of a chocolate flavour. Additionally, this isn’t what I personally had expected the blend to taste like. When I normally think of a potion, I think of a bright green or red concoction. Therefore, I expected something more fruity, like Starbucks’ version (2.5/5 rating).

  • Type: Rooibos tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Caffeine-free
  • Ingredients: Cocoa beans, rooibos, cocoa husk, orange and black candies (sugar, rice flour, partially hydrogenated rapeseed oil, potato starch, colour (beetroot juice concentrate, beta-carotene, iron oxide), artificial flavouring), sweet blackberry leaves, elderberry flower, safflower petals, natural and artificial flavouring
  • Company: DAVIDsTEA

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