CitizenTea’s Raspberry Lime | Tea Review

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CitizenTea Raspberry Lime spoon

The great thing about sets of tea is you get to experience teas you normally may not! Fruit and herbal teas generally are not my go-to picks. However, what is not to love about these cute butterfly sugar confettis!

Description: “A juicy, refreshing blend of raspberry, lime and apple.”

Review: I loved how these look – the little butterflies really made this blend pop. The smell from the dry and wet blend was very strong lime and I only faintly was able to detect the raspberries and hibiscus. The liquor was a lovely surprise: it was a pink colour and had a nutty smell. For anyone who is familiar with DAVIDsTEA’ Forever Nuts, this is what the liquor reminded me of!

As expected, the liquor had a very strong and predominate lime smell with a hint of sweet and tartness. However, I kept tasting a bitterness during the tail end. I read CitizenTea’s website, and it mentioned that this could be sweetened and iced, which I think would be a better way to enjoy this blend. I find blends that lean more towards being iced tend to be a bit overly sweet and personally not for me (2.5/5 rating).

  • Day: 2 of 25 in 25 Day Tea Journey
  • Type: Fruit tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Caffeine-free
  • Ingredients: Apple pieces, sugar-butterflies (sugar, rice flour, peanut oil hardened, potato starch, flavouring, dye E101, E162), lemongrass, apple pieces white (apple pieces, antioxidant: citric acid (E330)), pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar, antioxidant: citric acid (E330)), beetroot, hibiscus, raspberry pieces freeze-dried (4%), flavour, cornflower petals pink, natural flavour
  • Company: CitizenTea

The question of the post:  Do you enjoy iced tea blends?

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