CitizenTea’s Turmeric Ginger | Tea Review

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CitizenTea Turmeric Ginger spoon

As a fan of ginger, and only having tried a handful of turmeric blends, I wanted to see how these two will pair together!

Description: “A refreshing blend of turmeric and ginger to detox and heal.”

Review: I want to first note that this is a part of CitizenTea’s “wellness” line, the description above is how the brand showcased the tea. However, as I have stated on the blog, I only rate teas based on the senses.

That being said, I was excited for the blend because I really enjoy ginger! The dry blend stood out because of the bright yellow from the turmeric, which coated all the other ingredients in the blend. There was also a faint turmeric smell from the blend, which was more citrus-y after steeping.

The liquor was a light yellow with little turmeric pieces suspended in it with a ginger smell. As someone who enjoys the ‘heat’ from the ginger, I was happy that there was a good amount in this one.

The first flavour was the ginger and it caused a slight tingle in the back of the throat. It was followed by the lemon and citrus, and then some turmeric. The lemon overwhelmed all the other notes. I really enjoyed the interweaving of the ginger and the turmeric (4/5 rating).

  • Day: 14 of 25 in 25 Day Tea Journey
  • Type: Herbal tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Caffeine-free
  • Ingredients: Ginger, turmeric, licorice, lemongrass, orange peels, lemon peels, flavouring
  • Company: CitizenTea

The question of the post: Do you like turmeric?

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