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Pluck Tea Spadina Blend spoon

Anything Canada inspired most likely already gets a vote from me. So, when I noticed the name of this blend, I wanted to see how it compared to the Spadina, Toronto that I know!

Description: “Fruit-forward with notes of lychee, lemongrass, ginger, and coconut – this tea is low in caffeine but big on flavour.”

Instructions: 1.5 tps | 100 °C / 212 °F | 5-7 Mins 

Review: Spadina is a neighbourhood in Toronto, Canada. The description mentions that it is a homage to “Toronto’s original Chinatown” and a celebration of the flavours found there. It is an area I visit every now and then. The Spadina that I grew up with is known for its low-rise buildings, busy vibrant streets and sidewalks lined with goods and food.

Pluck Tea Spadina Blend wet dish

The dry leaves were a nice mixture of dark black tea leaves in contrast to the lighter tan colour of the ginger and mango and lime green lemongrass. It had an almost tropical smell, which was sweet, floral, lemon and herbal. After a 6 minute infusion, the wet leaves reminded me of lemon candy – very strong and potent. However, the reddish brown liquor was much more muted, with more fruitiness and lemon lingering in the background.

Tastewise, the lemongrass melded with the earthy tones of the black tea making a deeper flavour. It was then followed by some sweet fruity notes and circles\d back to the earthy lemon notes. The lemongrass has a strong lingering taste. The website mentioned that this would be a nice iced tea, which I could see because I imagine that it would bring out the lemon notes even more! This is a nice blend for someone who likes lemongrass with some other fruity notes (3.5/5 rating).

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  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Unknown
  • Ingredients: Black tea, lemongrass, dried ginger pieces, dried mango, unsweetened coconut, lime leaves, natural flavours
  • Company: Pluck Tea

The question of the post: Have you ever been to Spadina in Toronto?

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