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While in Hong Kong last summer, I had the opportunity to explore the tea culture there!

Like my previous posts in New York and Japan, I didn’t want to pick a favourite place, so I decided to order the list based on when I visited. I was there primarily for family, but when I had some spare time, I visited tea places, of course!

TWG Tea Company


I had heard a lot of positive things about TWG Tea from t3a_am0. The Hong Kong location was in IFC Mall which was accessible via transit. The tea shop had a very European vibe and I loved the wall of tea canisters. It was quiet the day I visited, so I decided to sit down.

I ordered a pot of 1837 Black Tea and paired with two macaroons, Earl Grey Fortune and Chocolate & Number 12 Tea Tiramisu, and a slice of cake. It was a very pleasant experience. The shop also offers a range of food options such as breakfast, savoury dishes, and of course, desserts! I did find the price point on the higher end, so this tea shop would be nice for a special occasion!

Company: TWG Tea Company

Address: IFC Mall, 1 Harbour View Street Central, Podium Level One, #1022, Hong Kong


Fook Ming Tong


Since Fong Ming Tong was in the same mall as TWG Tea, I visited as well. The shop was lined with tea along the wall with a gongfu table. The staff were very sweet and friendly and let me sample some of the teas. I learned that “gaiwan” is “lid bowl” in Cantonese.

Company: Fook Ming Tong

Address: SIFC Mall  Podium Level three, 8 Finance #3006, Hong Kong

Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware


I always enjoy going to museums, and this one was on my radar because it is a tea museum! I enjoyed my time there quite a bit, so much so, that I ended up visited three times in total. The museum is located within a two-storey heritage house. There was a range of exhibits that I found very informative along with some videos.


I ended up going back, once for a talk about aged white teas, and then there was a tea tasting event, where various teas were brewed. I recommend this place for anyone who wants to learn about Chinese teas! The events are also worth going to!

Company: Flagstaff House Musem of Tea Ware

Address: 10 Cotton Tree Drive, Central, Hong Kong (inside Hong Kong Park), Hong Kong

Kee Heung Chun Tea Company


I found out about Kee Heung Chun Tea through a family friend. I heard about the wealth of knowledge since the Lam family has been in the tea business for three generations. The shop was small and narrow but filled to the brim with a wide range of tea. The staff was very helpful and patient.

I ended up signing up for an Introduction to Tea course with Mr. Lam, the owner, which was extremely informative. I can’t wait to go back and learn more! I would recommend this tea shop since it is a little gem hidden away in the Kennedy Town district and easy to get to from transit.

Company: Kee Heung Chun Tea Company

Address: G/F, 30A Belcher’s St, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong




Since I participated in a few tea tastings when I was in Japan, I wanted to visit one in Hong Kong too! I came across MingCha when I was researching tea tastings events. The tea house has since moved.

The tea tasting was one and a half hour and I tasted four teas, Jasmine Blossoms, First Flush Longjin, Phoenix Supreme, and Tanyang Golden Rim. It is normally for multiple people, but I was lucky and I was the only one during the session. The session consisted of an introduction to the teas and covered how they are processed, where they originate from and how to brew it. It was during this session I learned how complicated it is to process scented tea! The teas were paired with some toast and jam.

This would be a nice event for someone/a group of people who are interested in tea and wanted a guided session.

Company: MingCha

Address: Room 901-902, 9/F Cheung Tat Centre, 18 Cheung Lee Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Honourable Mention: Best Tea House – the first tea house I visited on top of the owner being the guest speaker for the aged white tea talk!

Overall Thoughts

Since I was there primarily to visit family, I know the shops I visited only touch the surface. I really don’t think I did the Hong Kong tea culture justice. When I was researching, I did try to look for companies and shops that had English because I can not read Cantonese. That did limit some of the options. I would love to go back and explore more places again!

The Question of the Post: Have you been to Hong Kong before?

Edit: Nicole from Tea for Me Please sweetly included my post in her weekly round up! Make sure to check out the other neat posts from that week, including tea, book, and tea ware reviews!

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Michelle January 26, 2020 - 3:54 pm

Ahhhh! I usually go to Hong Kong to visit friends and family, but I never really go and tea shop (because I’m either going to or coming from Shanghai beforehand, which has a building of just tea shops!), but I’m definitely going to all these places on my next visit!

teainspoons January 30, 2020 - 10:49 pm

I have never been to Shanghai before but I can only imagine! I am glad you enjoy the list and I can’t wait to see where you go next time. 🙂

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