The Tea Practitioner’s Coffee Flower – Spring 2019 | Tea Review

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A few months ago, I purchased a white and black tea from Mount Kilimanjaro. So, when I saw this coffee flower tisane from the same region, I was very curious!

Description: “Add this naturally sweet tisane to your own tea practice for notes of shredded wheat, honey graham crackers and dried cranberries.”

Instructions: Ceramic Teapot | 1 gram | 250 ml | 100°C/212°F | 3 to 5 minutes  

Review: I love trying teas and tisanes from the same region as it shows the characteristics of an area. Mount Kilimanjaro is an area I’m not overly familiar with so, it has been a treat to try both teas and tisanes!

Coffee is something I only have a very cursory understanding, so I was surprised to see that the flowers could be used as a tisane. The white flowers are picked when the coffee trees start to blossom. The flowers will wither and be replaced by berries. When the berries are ripe, they are harvested and processed into coffee.

The dry flowers have a delightful smell. Warm,  sweet, caramel, bready, cocoa, and malty. The tisane had a  reddish brown appearance with tan stamen/pistil and brown steams. After being infused in the teapot, the leaves were unified dark milk chocolate brown with a floral, sweet, and honey aroma.

The liquor was a golden honey colour with little specs at the bottom of the cup from the flowers. It had a floral, honey, earthy, baked goods, and malt smell. The liquor had an equally delightful and complex taste. It ranged from sweet, honey, and floral in one sip to more bready, chocolate, and nutty another. It was always a surprise each sip to see what flavours would be uncovered. When cooled, the flavours leaned more bready and floral with a hint of bitterness, like a black coffee, at the tail end of the sip.

The first time I tasted the tisane, I was sad when I had finished my cup so quickly and I have been craving it the last few days. The tisane has paired well with baked goods, cheese, and fruits. I will most likely bring this tisane out when I am craving something sweet and I will be saddened when it is all gone (4.5/5 rating)!

  • Type: Herbal tea, tisane
  • Origin: Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  • Caffeine: Unknown
  • Ingredients: Coffee flowers
  • Company: The Tea Practitioner

The question of the post: Have you ever tried coffee flower tisane before?

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