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The lovely thing about tea is that in one cup, you can try a new range of flavours. I was drawn to this one because I haven’t had peaches and pistachio together in a blend before!

Description: “At first, the bright acidity of peach and lime dominate. The next sip deepens with the velvetiness of roasted oolong with peach and rose notes.”

Instructions: 3.5 grams | 10oz/300 ml | 195°f/90°c | 4-5 mins | refuse up to two times

Review: It is always a treat to look through the various blends that August Uncommon Tea has and how the blends live up to the ‘uncommon’ name of the company with all the distinctive ingredients. I reached for this one because I wanted to see how these elements would come together.

The dry blend smelled of peaches, limes, and roses. The dark black broken leaves were in stark contrast with the dried rose petals, white chocolate, and full pistachios. After 4 minutes, the liquor brewed into a dark reddish amber colour and smelled woody, nutty, and like vanilla and peaches. The flavour began earthy, light roasted, nutty, followed by juicy peaches, and then slowly morphed into a rose floral note that lingered and danced around the mouth.

Brewing the leaves for a second time for 4 and a half minutes, the liquor was a golden colour and was slightly cloudy. For this infusion, the peach flavour was more present with the woody and nutty notes taking a step back. By the third infusion, the flavours were spent and the liquor left a drying sensation at the back of the throat.

The website also mentioned adding milk and chilling the tea, so I decided to try this as well! After brewing the tea for 5 minutes, I added a healthy amount of oat milk and the golden-coloured liquor became a opaque tan colour. The addition of the oat milk gave the liquor a creamy/silky consisitency which brought out the earthy roasted notes and heightened the sweetness. The floral flavour popped up at the back of the throat and stayed there. I put half of the tea in the fridge overnight and while the earthy and toasted notes remained, the juicy peach and rose flavour were much stronger.

The wet dark blend contrast against the rose petals. It smelled woody, sweet, roasted, floral and of peaches.

Overall, the blend reminded me of nougats with the sweet rose notes and the peach-flavoured candies like Fuzzy Peaches. While the packaging said “lime,” I only really smelled it from the dry blend and didn’t really taste it in the tea. I felt the strongest flavours were the peaches and roses, followed by the roasted notes of the oolong. While there were pistachio and white chocolate, these ingredients were distinctive to me. I personally enjoyed this blend best with some oat milk and chilled as it highlighted the oolong, peach, and roses. This would be a nice blend for someone who enjoys peaches or floral notes, especially roses (3.5/5 rating).

  • Type: Oolong tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Unknown
  • Ingredients: Formosa oolong tea, dried peach, persian pistachio, white chocolate, rose petals, flavoring
  • Company: August Uncommon Tea

The question of the post: Are you a fan of peaches?

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