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by Tea in Spoons

Every so often, my sweet tooth rears its head and I want a honey-like tisane, and what fits the bill more than a honeydew melon blend?

Description: “Capri is a flavorful, cooling blend of fruits and peppermint, with a rich honeydew melon flavor.”

Instructions: 3.5g* | 10 oz / 300 ml | 212°f/ 100°C | 4 – 5 mintues. longer is stronger | infuse up to two times.

Review: Right from the pouch, the blend had a sweet fruity honeydew melon and robust peppermint smell. The tisane was comprised of various pieces of fruit and peppermint. Once the hot water hit the dry blend, the smell of melon and mint started to seep from the cup. After brewing for 4-5 minutes, the clear tan liquor smelled predominantly of melon and mint. No surprise, the dominant flavours were sweet fruitiness, honeydew melon, and mint with a faint cooling sensation at the back of the throat. The melon taste was reminiscent of hard honeydew candy. When cooled, the liquor had a strong honeydew melon note. After a second infusion, the taste was milder and drying at the back of the throat. The wet blend smelled herbal, fruity, and sweet.

Overall, I personally liked the honeydew melon and peppermint combination! Enjoying this blend would strongly depend on if you find the pairing agreeable. At times, some of my sips were mintier and others were more apple/honeydew melon. The blended herbal tea leaned on the sweet side, but not so sweet it was coying. I preferred the first infusion over the latter as it was drying at the back of the throat and would recommend just infusing the blend once for longer. This is a nice relaxing blend, or for anyone who likes mint or fruity blend (3.5/5 rating).

  • Type: Herbal tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Caffeine-free
  • Ingredients: Turkish apple, rosehip shells, peppermint, thai pineapple, melon pieces, pear pieces, flavoring
  • Company: August Uncommon Tea

The question of the post: Have you tried honeydew melon and peppermint before?

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