Bird & Blend Tea Co.’s Chinese Treasure Tea | Tea Review

by Tea in Spoons

As a child, I recall walking past Chinese herbal shops and smelling the strong aroma of the ingredients and my fascination with the numerous rows of jars. So, this blend called to me in a very nostalgic manner.

Description: “Inspired by eight treasures tea, we’ve created our own blend of this ancient elixir.”

Instructions: 1 tsp | 80° | 3 mins | without milk

Review: I want to first preface that I am not reviewing this blend based on any medicinal properties. I only review teas based on the senses. Right from the pouch, the dry tea blend had a strong herbaceous, woody, and floral smell, with the ginger tickling the nose. Visually, the blend had a large percentage of pale jasmine flower petals against the dark forest green leaves with a scattering of ruby red from the goji berries.

After brewing for 3 minutes, the liquor was a clear marigold colour and had a jasmine smell. When sipping the blend, jasmine was the first flavour which started off mild but quickly became a dominant perfumed taste. That was followed by herbal and woody notes, and then a spicy tingle from ginger. The sip ended with a hint of bitterness and astringency on the tongue and the back of the throat. The herbaceous note lingered in the mouth. When the liquor has cooled, the floral note took a step back and melded with the other notes.

The wet leaves smelled of jasmine, wet bark, and spices. The green tea leaves had unfurled and were small and broken.

Overall, this is a comforting blend for anyone who enjoys floral notes, specifically jasmine as it is the prevailing flavour. The blend also had some woody and herbal notes as well. I personally like this tea because it reminds me of my childhood and having fun at the mall (3.5/5 rating).

  • Type: Green tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Unknown
  • Ingredients: Chinese Jasmine Green Tea, Ginger, Goji Berry, Ashwagandha, Jasmine Blossom
  • Company: Bird & Blend Tea Co.

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