Bird & Blend Tea Co.’s Nearly Nirvana | Tea Review

by Tea in Spoons

While I tend to gravitate toward more robust flavoured teas, sometimes, I like something with a more delicate profile. This is especially true after a long day and I’m looking to relax.

Description: “Luxury white silver needle tea with heavenly jasmine & spiritual spearmint to help you reach nirvana.”

Instructions: 1 teaspoon | 80° | 3 minutes | without milk

Review: Opening the pouch, a jasmine and peppermint smell filled the air. The dry blend was lovely to look at due to the long fuzzy silver needle buds against the various yellow and golden coloured flower petals and blossoms.

As the tea was infusing, the smell of jasmine filled the air again. After 3 minutes, the yellow liquor had the unmistakable floral-perfumed smell of jasmine which hit my nose every time I went in for a sip. As expected, the dominant note was jasmine, followed by a flash of vegetal bitterness. As the liquor went down the throat, there was a faint cooling sensation but quickly dryness coated the back of the throat and mouth. The wet blend was made up of broken green tea leaves, silver needle buds, and peppermint with pops of yellow from the flowers. It smelled like roasted green tea and jasmine.

I personally was quite excited about this blend as jasmine and peppermint isn’t a combination I see frequently. While the jasmine was evident, the peppermint was not. The sip also ended with an overwhelming astringency which I found unpleasant and sadly did not put me in a relaxing mood. That being said, for anyone who is looking for a forward jasmine blend and isn’t deterred by astringency, this may be a blend worth trying (2.5/5 rating).

  • Type: Green tea, white tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Unknown
  • Ingredients: Chinese green tea, jasmine silver needle white tea, spearmint, jasmine blossom, orange blossom
  • Company: Bird & Blend Tea Co.

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