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by Tea in Spoons

As a child, I remember eating chocolate digestive cookies as a treat! It had a lovely wheat taste which contrasted the semi-sweet chocolate. So, I was curious to taste a tea blend inspired by it.

Description: “A velvety smooth, caramel & chocolate delight, best enjoyed whilst dunkin’ the real thing!”

Instructions: 4 minutes | 100°C | with or without milk  

Review: The smell of the dry blend was chocolatey from the cocoa and sugary from the fenugreek. Visually, the blend was a mixture of dark broken tea leaves, chocolate brown cocoa shells, and pops of yellow from the fenugreek seeds and liquorice root.

After brewing for 4 minutes, the liquor developed a copper-brown colour. It smelled sweet, cocoa, and of baked goods. The taste was a deep woody, fruity, dark chocolate, and malt profile. It had a subtle grain/wheat taste which reminded me of a digestive biscuit.

Since the recommendations suggested adding milk, I tried with both almond and oat milk. I found the almond and oat milk made the liquor tan cookie colour and gave it a creamy consistency. The addition of the plant-based milks enhanced the chocolate and grain flavours. The woody notes were more muted causing the liquor to be sweeter and closer in taste to its namesake. There was a sweet lingering aftertaste in the mouth.

The wet leaves were small broken leaves, cocoa shells, and fenugreek with a roasted charcoal, woody, and cocoa smell.

Overall, this tea blend lived up to its namesake and reminded me of Chocolate Digestives cookies. This would be a nice blend for an afternoon treat with cookies and sweets! As it is on the sweeter side, it aligns more with dessert blends. I noticed while writing this review, the company website mentioned the blend could be iced which sounds like a nice refreshing treat as well. I would suggest this to anyone who enjoys sweeter black tea blends with chocolate notes (3.5/5 rating).

  • Type: Black tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Unknown
  • Ingredients: Sri Lankan Black Tea, Cocoa Shells, Fenugreek, Cocoa Nibs, Liquorice Root, Natural Flavouring
  • Company: Bird and Blend Tea Co.

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