Momo Tea’s Hojicha | Tea Review


Momo Tea Hojicha Green Tea Spoon

Description: “Roasted process removes the most of the caffeine and tannin. Easy drinking tea goes well between meal.”

Momo Tea Hojicha Dry Green Tea Dish

Over the weekend I attended the 5th annual Toronto Tea Festival and I learned a lot! One of the booths I was drawn to was Momo Tea because of their friendly vibe. The company advertised themselves as fresh teas from Japan.

After tasting a few of their teas, I really enjoyed the roasted flavour of the Hojicha. They had a matching mochi which I knew I had to try together.

Momo Tea Hojicha Wet Green Tea Dish

Review: The dry leaves had a rich roasted aroma which became more hay-like when wet. The aroma lingered in the air after the tea was steeped which was great! For two cups of tea, the company recommended 2 tablespoons (5grams) steeped with 95°C water for 30 seconds to 1 minute. I followed the suggestions regarding the leaves and water and steeped the tea for 45 seconds.

Momo Tea Hojicha Green Tea Liquor Dish

The tea liquor had a very smooth texture. I expected a stronger roasted flavoured, but it took a backseat and was more secondary with grassy and hay notes coming forward. The liquor had a medium amber colour. I really enjoyed the tea! I understand why Momo Tea mentioned that this tea is nice between meals. I could see myself drinking this throughout the day (4/5 rating).

Momo Tea Hojicha Mochi

I was also very excited to try the Hojicha Mochi. The powder on the top was ground hojicha and had a faint grassy aroma. The rice cake part of mochi was soft and chewy. The paste inside was where the roasted flavour kicked in. It had a drier texture that worked really well with the chewy rice cake. While the roasted flavour was not as predominant as in the tea, the mochi was still very good!

Note: Lu Ann from The Cup of Life, kindly featured me in her January ‘This Month in Tea: Monthly blog round up.’ Please go read her post and see all the other bloggers she suggests here!

  • Type: Green tea
  • Origin: Japan
  • Caffeine: Unknown
  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Company: Momo Tea

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