Bitterleaf Teas’ Giant White | Tea Review

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Tea received at a discount for review

Bitterleaf Teas Giant White Tea SpoonDescription: “An early vegetal taste develops into a subtle sweetness with subsequent brewings.”

Review: The fuzzy white and black fuzzy leaves had a gentle floral aroma. I haven’t tried that many unflavored white teas, so I was interested in how this would taste. Bitterleaf Teas recommended gong fu style and that the leaves could handle 10 infusions.

Steep 1 – The tea had a clean and subtle flavour

Steep 2 – A slight nutty flavour came through

Steep 3 and 4 – The liquor was a very smooth and had slight roasted and well-rounded flavour

Steep 5 – The tea developed depth and had rich earthy notes with slight floral undertones

Steep 6 – I admit, in this steep, I slightly overstepped for 30 seconds but the tea leaves were hardy and I had similar flavours as Steep 5

Steep 7 – Similar flavours as Steep 5 and 6

Steep 8 to 10 – The tea slowly started to lose flavour at Steep 8. This may have been because I overstep earlier.

Overall, this was a very lovely well-rounded tea. The liquor went from a yellow to a golden yellow throughout the process. I was surprised, as a white tea, how much depth this tea had because I was expecting it to stay more floral. I think this would be a nice relaxing tea to have while reading a book (3/5 rating).

  • Type: White tea
  • Origins: China
  • Caffeine: Unknown
  • Ingredients: Moonlight white tea
  • Company: Bitterleaf Teas

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