Naked Teas Galore’s Strawberry Lemonade | Tea Review

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Naked Teas Galore Strawberry Lemonde Black Tea Spoon

Description: “A light and refreshing blend of berries and citrus fruit.” – via Amoda Monthly Box

Review: For the summer, can’t say I say don’t enjoy a nice cold cup of lemonade! So, why not lemonade flavoured tea? The dry and wet blend was true to its name and smelled very strongly of lemon and citrus. I understand where the name came from!

The steeped liquor was an amber colour. Following the lemon aroma, the liquor tasted lemony with a slight sweetness. It did have some mild astringency which left the mouth feeling a bit dry, but it wasn’t unpleasant. Despite there being a wide range of ingredients, I mostly tasted the citrus.

I tried this tea hot, but want to try it iced just to see how it tastes (3/5 rating).

  • Type: Black tea
  • Origin: Sri Lanka
  • Caffeine: High caffeine
  • Ingredients: Ceylon black tea, lemon peel, diced apples, rosehips, currants, juniper berries, strawberry leaf, rose petals, calendula, natural flavouring
  • Other: Organic
  • Company: Naked Teas Galore

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