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CitizenTea Rooibos Earl Grey spoon

I’ve had a fair bit of earl greys but not a rooibos based one before!

Description: “A naturally caffeine-free earl grey.”

Review: the years, I have had a few Earl Grey blends. However, most of them have had a black tea base. This one is meant to be a “caffeine-free” alternative, so I can’t say no to that! The dry blend had a nice bergamot smell.

The liquor was reddish and did remind me of a how earl grey liquor looks like, and there was also a faint bergamot smell. However, I found that the taste of the blend was predominantly earthy and sweet from the rooibos, and that the bergamot was very faint. The liquor also left the mouth feeling a bit dry.

I will admit, from the name of the blend, I really expected a nice balance between the earthy rooibos notes and the citrus and floral from the bergamot. I really like the idea of it being a caffeine-free alternative. However, I wished that the bergamot had shone more brightly (2.5/5 rating).

  • Day: 12 of 25 in 25 Day Tea Journey
  • Type: Rooibos tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Caffeine-free
  • Ingredients: Rooibos, flavouring
  • Company: CitizenTea

The question of the post: Do you enjoy Earl Grey?

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