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by Tea in Spoons

When I discovered I could enjoy a Taiwanese tea ceremony close to home, I decided to experience it. I ended up purchasing a few teas as well!

Description: “Sweet taste, scent of Flower and Ripe Fruit.”

Instructions: Use 75 cc of Pot | Use 6.5 g of leaf | 80 °C of water | Brewing Time: 1 – 3 sec, 2 – 6 sec, 3 – 10 sec, 4 – 15 sec, 5 – 20 sec 

Review: It has been a few years since I visited Taiwan. I was there, I saw a Taiwanese tea ceremony and even tried a few steps myself! Chinese or Japanese tea ceremony seems more commonly showcased than Taiwanese, therefore I was happy to explore it again here in Canada. I visited Cha Gloriette after I learned about them at the Toronto Tea Festival. During the tea ceremony at the tea shop, I tasted a black and an oolong tea. Before I left, I purchased this black tea.

The long twisted leaves were a dark black colour with streaks of reddish brown. The leaves had a lovely aroma of fresh strawberries, cherries, and bread.

Infusion 1 (3 seconds): After a quick infusion (and no pre-rinse), the liquor became a deep reddish brown colour. It developed a sweet character and tasted like wood and barley. Once cooled, the taste was more cocoa, malt, and grain.

Infusion 2 (6 seconds): The reddish-brown liquor had a smokey/charcoal smell. The first flavour was stone fruit, followed by mild notes of smoke, bread, and mineral. When cooled, the liquor tasted more like grains.

Infusion 3 (10 seconds): The deep reddish-brown liquor had a more woody smell. The taste was becoming less sweet and more woody and roasted with dryness at the back of the throat.

Infusion 4 (15 seconds): The taste was like the crust of bread. There was also some fruity and charcoal notes. After finishing the tea, the bottom of the cup had a fruity smell.

Infusion 5 (20 seconds): With a slightly lighter liquor colour, the taste was milder and was similar to the earlier infusions and tasted sweet, woody, and of maple water.

The infused milk and dark chocolate-coloured leaves were twisted and maintained a needle-like shape. It had a fruity grape, roasted pine, and dark chocolate smell.

As someone who enjoys sweeter black teas, this was lovely and brought me back to Taiwan! The brewing times were shorter than I am used to, so I had to focus when making the tea and not overbrewing. That said, the first time I made the tea, I brewed each infusion a few seconds longer and the taste was similar. This would be a nice black tea for someone who enjoys a sweet tea with some bready and chocolate notes. It reminded me why I enjoy Taiwanese teas (3.5/5 rating).

  • Type: Black tea
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Caffeine: Unknown
  • Ingredients: Black Tea
  • Company: Cha Gloriette

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