CitizenTea’s Rooibos Caramel | Tea Review

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CitizenTea Rooibos Caramel spoon

While I may not always go for a rooibos, this one smelled lovely – just like a dessert!

Description: “A rich and creamy blend of rooibos, caramel and cocoa.”

Review: Like many of the blends that I have tried from this brand so far, the first thing that I noticed was the strong aroma. While it is named “caramel”, the dominant smell was actually the cocoa.

The caramel smell did show up in the reddish-brown liquor along with a faint cocoa smell. The liquor itself had a very classic earthy and woody taste, as was expected from a rooibos. It was followed by lingering sweetness and faint cocoa taste on the tip of the tongue.

Letting the liquor cool allowed for a richer coffee-like character to show up intermixed with earthy notes. I enjoyed the range of flavours in this one. I think that this would make a really good latte (3.5/5 rating).

  • Day: 18 of 25 in 25 Day Tea Journey
  • Type: Rooibos tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Caffeine-free
  • Ingredients: Rooibos, cocoa shells, caramel pieces (sweetened condensed skimmed milk, sugar, glucose syrup,(wheat), butter fat, humectant: sorbitiol (wheat), emulsifier(rapeseed)), flavouring
  • Company: CitizenTea

The Question of the post: How do you enjoy rooibos? 

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