Pluck Teas’ Prince Edward Lavender | Tea Review



I love supporting local farmers, so I was happy to hear this blend had lavender from a county in the area where Pluck is located!

Description: “Floral and grassy, with a hint of ginger.”

Instructions: 1.5 teaspoons | 90°C/194°F | 3-4 mins    

Review: I will admit, when I first saw this blend, I thought it was referring to Prince Edward Island. However, after a quick look at the website, I realized that it was referring to an area in Ontario. I know Ontario has many lavender farms, so I was happy to see a local product.

The dry blend was a colourful mix of the green tea leaves in contrast to the lavender buds and ginger pieces. It had a warm grassy smell, with a hint of floral and spiciness from the ginger. After a 3 minute infusion, the wet blend took on a much stronger ginger smell, whereas the liquor was more grassy. The liquor was an almost orange colour with a green tinge.


Tastewise, I found this blend a bit finicky. When brewed at 3 minutes, there were some infusions I really enjoyed – it started off gentle, then had some vegetal sweet notes, followed by some stronger notes of lavender. While it took longer to kick in, the ginger rounded up the end of the flavours.

However, when it was brewed at 4, it had a slightly different taste. Bitterness hit first, with some faint vegetal and floral notes. The liquor itself also had a bit of a thicker texture. Overall, I preferred this at 3 minutes because that brought out all the different ingredients better (3/5 rating).

  • Type: Green tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Low caffeine
  • Ingredients: Green tea, ginger pieces, Prince Edward County lavender
  • Company: Pluck Tea

Question of the post: Have you ever been to a lavender farm before?

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