DAVIDsTEA’s Bee the Change | Tea Review

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For quite some time now, I’ve wanted to have my own bee hive, so when I saw the Bee the Change collection being released, I wanted to try the titular blend!


Bee the Change is a collection between DAVIDsTEA and The Honeybee Conservancy.  The goal of the collection is to “combat[] the decline in the honeybee and native bee population.”

The Honeybee Conservancy is non-profit “public charity established in 2009 in response to the bee crisis. Their mission is to protect bees and secure food justice through education, research, habitat creation, and advocacy.”

The Collection included herbal blends, matcha drink mix, jars of honey, honey sticks, tea presses, a colour changing nordic mug, and a perfect spoon! 10% of the proceeds of the products will be donated to The Honeybee Conservatory which creates bee habitats in Canada and the USA.


I ended up picking up the rooibos blend, the colour changing Nordic Mug, and honey colour Perfect Spoon. The mug had a lovely bee and honeycomb pattern and I liked the golden honey colour of the Perfect Spoon.

Since International Honey Bee Day just past (August 15), it seemed fitting to review the rooibos blend, let’s go!

Description: “Sweet and fragrant honey flavour with subtle floral notes of clover and rose”

Instructions: 1-2 Perfect Spoonfuls | 475 ml (16 oz) | 95℃/200℉ | 4-5 minutes   

Review: The dry blend was a pretty mixture of flower petals from the rose petals, echiacea, marigold flowers, cornflower petals and blossoms interwoven with the rooibos, frenugreek seeds, and other ingredients. The smell was a mixture of a medicinal, fruity, earthy, and floral. After infusing for 4 minutes, the wet blend had a fruity and floral smell. 


The clear liquor was an amber honey colour with a few specs of the blend floating at the top of the cup. It had an earthy rooibos, honey and floral smell. With a syrupy texture, the liquor reminded me of wild honey with an underpinning earthy rooibos and mild medicinal and floral notes. When cooled, the flavour was more honey-like but there was some dryness at the back of the throat.

This would be a nice blend for anyone who enjoy a more floral, rooibos forward, or medical taste. I found this blend grew on me after trying it a few times (3/5 rating)!

  • Type: Rooibos
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Caffeine-free
  • Ingredients: Rosehips, apple, rooibos, honeybush, echinacea, natural honey flavouring, rose petals, marigold flowers, pink cornflower blossoms, cornflower petals, natural flavouring with stevia extract, frenugreek seeds, red clover flower
  • Other: Kosher
  • Company: DAVIDsTEA & The Honeybee Conservancy

The question of the post: Do you like bees?

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