DAVIDsTEA’s Peppermint Amour | Tea Review

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When I first started my tea journey, I was always looking for teas and tisanes I had never tried before. Lately, however, I’ve been wanting to revisit the “classics” and I realized I haven’t had a peppermint herbal tea in some time!

Description: “It’s a naturally fresh, cool and comforting herbal tisane.”

Instructions: 1-2 Perfect spoonful | 475 ml (16 oz) of 95℃/200℉ water | 0.50 – 1 minute

Review: The tisane was primarily made of small cut olive green leaves, with some veins and cut twigs. It had a strong peppermint aroma and reminded me of toothpaste or mint in chocolate mint ice cream. The peppermint smell had a cooling sensation that tickled the nose.

Cup gifted by DAVIDsTEA

The steeping recommendations were between 30 seconds to a minute, so I tried both steeping times. After steeping a Perfect Spoonful, the liquor was a clear amber colour with a strong peppermint scent that filled the air. It smelled mostly of mint with a faint undertone of smoke and earthiness.

The tisane started off with a classic herbal mint taste that was vegetal, sweet, citrus, and spiced. The mint taste lingered in the mouth, along with a cooling sensation, and left the back of the throat feeling dry. The wet dark green leaves were small and broken with a minty smell.

While I don’t normally gravitate toward mint as it reminds me of toothpaste, this left me feeling nice and relaxed. While the smell of the mint was fairly intense, especially right after steeping, the liquor itself did not have an overwhelming mint taste and was quite plateable. Even as someone who doesn’t always reach for peppermint, I found myself making a cup of this every so often at night to wind down while watching a show or reading a book. This would be nice for someone who enjoys peppermint or wants something that isn’t overpoweringly strong (3.5/5 rating).

  • Type: Herbal tea
  • Origin: Oregon and Washington State
  • Caffeine: Caffeine-free 
  • Other: Orgainic, kosher, fair trade
  • Ingredients: Organic peppermint leaves
  • Company: DAVIDsTEA

The question of the post: What is your stance on peppermint?

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