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by Tea in Spoons

As of late, I tend to reach for breakfast blends or Earl Grey teas. Purely because I’ve enjoyed using my porcelain teacups and the contrast between the dark liquor against the white cups!

Description: “Full bodied and rich with heady citrus notes. A British classic made without compromise.”

Instructions: 2.5 g| 150 ml | 195°F (90°C) or 212°F (100°C) if adding milk | 45 seconds to 2 minutes | 2 infusions

Review: While I normally review teas without additives, I decided to taste this tea with and without milk, since it was suggested in the recommendations. I brewed the tea with two infusions and used oat milk.

The dry leaves had a powerful smell of bergamot right from the get-go every time I opened the pouch. It was quite strong, almost to the point of perfumed. I had to use a few clips to make sure the smell didn’t escape.

Without Milk

Infusion 1 (1 minute): The second the water hit the leaves, there was a strong whiff of citrus. After a minute, the liquor had a dark reddish-brown colour and a bergamot smell. Once the liquor cooled for a moment, the bergamot taste came through along with floral, earthy, and woody notes. The sip ended with a lingering bitterness.

Infusion 2 (2 minutes): The liquor was slightly lighter in colour but had a stronger bergamot smell. It was brisk, woody, and earthy with the citrus bergamot taste interweaving throughout the sip.

With Oat Milk

Infusion 1 (1 minute): Adding a splash of oat milk turned the clear liquor from dark burgundy to a cloudy copper-red. The taste was quickly dominated by the citrus of the bergamot followed by an earthiness and sweet malt. The tea had less bitterness as the oat milk masked some of it.

Infusion 2 (2 minutes): Rebrewing the tea and adding oat milk again, the flavour was fainter, but the oat milk gave the liquor a rich creamy constancy which highlighted the remaining bergamot taste.

The wet leaves were small and reddish-brown with a woody and citrus smell.

I paired the tea with a range of foods from savoury baked goods to hazelnut waffles and it was always a nice treat! I have found after tasting a few Earl Greys with and without milk, I personally enjoy it with milk as bergamot can sometimes be overwhelming and the milk masks it and gives the liquor a creamy texture. I normally drank this tea with oat milk but it was also nice with pea milk as well!

Earl Grey is a classic blend, and this one is a lovely example of one. The pure bergamot taste is a nice addition, as it is strong and citrusy but not overwhelming so. The black tea paired well and wasn’t overly brisk or harsh. This would be nice for afternoon tea or a morning pick-me-up (3.5/5 rating).

  • Type: Black tea
  • Origin: Malawi, Satemwa Tea Estate
  • Caffeine: Unknown
  • Ingredients: Black tea, bergamont oil from Calabria, southern Italy
  • Company: Rare Tea Company

The question of the post: How do you prefer your Earl Grey?

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