Sloane Fine Tea Merchants’ Mint Verbena | Tea Review

by Tea in Spoons

A few months ago, Kitten and the Bear was selling samples of their teas in surprise bags and I received this tisane! It sounded like a nice calming blend after a long busy day.

Description: “Organic peppermint blended with verbena leaves creating a calming feeling of renewal with delicate citrus notes and a beautifully refined hint of mint.”

Instructions: Steep 1 heaping teaspoon | 350ml | freshly boiled water (100°C) | 5 minutes | served straight or complemented with honey

Review: The recommendations on the packaging provided by Kitten and the Bear were slightly different than what was on the Sloane website, so I went with the latter. The broken leaves of the peppermint and verbena had a minty cooling sensation followed by a citrus aroma. After a heaping teaspoon and 5 minutes, the liquor was a dark golden amber colour with a strong peppermint smell.

The peppermint in the blend created a refreshing coolness at the back of the throat, which was followed by a citrus/herbous note. When the liquor was cooled, the peppermint sensation was still present but the taste was more herbal. Since this blend only had two ingredients, the peppermint dominated over the citrus/herbal notes of the verbena leaves. The wet blend was comprised of small and broken leaves which smelled like steamed greens.

Since honey was part of Sloane’s recommendation, I added some with a honey stick into a hot cup of the tisane and the honey gave the tisane a nice floral sweetness and syrupy texture that wasn’t present before. I also tried this blend with a homemade lemon meringue cupcake. The tisane cut away some of the sweetness of the cupcake and elevated the tartness of the lemon curd. Overall, this was a nice herbal blend and would be good for anyone who enjoy blends with only a few ingredients and likes peppermint, verbena, or citrus (3/5 rating).

The question of the post: What calms you down after a busy day?

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