Jolene’s Tea House’ Mandarin & Mint (ft. Amoda Tea) | Tea Review + Mini Update

by Tea in Spoons

This blend is the last tea from the August Amoda Tea Box which has been a fun four-week adventure. The blend comes from Banff, Canada!

Description: “Bold black tea provides a great base for the sweet mandarin orange and uplifting peppermint.”

Instructions: 1 teaspoon | 8 oz | freshly boiled | 3 – 5 minutes

Review: From the bag, the black tea blend had a sweet smell reminiscent of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange with citrus/tangerine and minty undertones. There was a strong contrast between the pale tan/earthy toned ginger and orange peels and the dark black tea leaves.

After brewing for 4 minutes, the liquor instantly had a warm citrus, woody, and minty smell from the cup. It had a dark orange-brown colour. Living up to its name, the liquor tasted citrus and minty with ginger and herbaceous notes. The mint and ginger flavour lingered in the mouth. Due to the mint, there was a cooling sensation at the back of the throat. The wet blend smelled of ginger and mint and had broken leaves and infused orange peels and ginger.

Overall, this blend was warming and comforting and lovely during the fall time! Since this tea blend had heavier ingredients, I would advise shaking up the blend so there is an even distribution of ingredients in each cup as some of my cups were more citrus and others were maltier. This is a nice blend for someone who enjoys citrus, ginger, mint or malt blends (4/5 rating).

  • Type: Black tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: High caffeine
  • Ingredients: Premium black tea, peppermint, orange peel, ginger, sweet orange essential oil
  • Company: Jolene’s Tea House (ft. Amoda Tea)

The question of the post: What are some comforting ingredients for you?

Mini Update: While I’ve enjoyed writing a wider range of content, at this point in time, I will be reverting back to my old schedule where I posted 4 reviews followed by a “special” post. This format serves me better and allows me to focus more attention on a smaller number of longer posts. The last few months were a great space for me to experiment and see what posts worked! Excited to bring more content in the new year!

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