DAVIDsTEA’s Hazelnut Chocolate | Tea Review

by Tea in Spoons

As a fan of Nutella, I’m always on the hunt for hazelnut and chocolate teas. This blend shouted to me when I saw it on the company’s website and I had to try it!

Description: Think rich fudgy cacao meets toasted hazelnut warmth in a smooth & decadent pu’erh – and it tastes even more amazing as a latte.”

Instructions: 1-2 Perfect Spoonfuls | 475 m\ (16 oz) | 95°C (200°F) | 4-5 mintues  

Review: One element about this blend that intrigued me was that it was a pu-erh based tea. In the past, I have seen many hazelnut and chocolate blends with a black tea base, but rarely pu-erh. The dry blend smelled sweet, nutty, and chocolatey but also had a waft of the pu-erh tea which gave it a fermented undertone. The dry mixture was shades of light and dark browns with chocolate chips, cocoa peels, and hazelnut pieces.

After brewing for 4 minutes, the liquor was a murky reddish brown colour with an earthy pu-erh, artificial chocolate, and roasted nuts smell. As reflected in the dry blend, the liquor tasted woody, chocolate, and fainty of nuts. The pu-erh fermented note lingered and left the back of the throat dry. Brewing the blend for 5 minutes brought out a more pronounced nutty flavour but so was the stevia taste.

Since the DAVIDsTEA’s website recommended brewing this blend as a latte, I used 4 perfect teaspoons and oat milk. I accidentally let the tea over steep slightly but regardless, the hazelnut taste was much more apparent. However, that may have been due to the oat milk elevating the nutty quality of the blend. When the latte was cooled, that was when the chocolate and hazelnut flavour shone through. The wet leaves smelled of roasted nuts and chocolate.

Overall, I was mixed with this blend. Depending on the initial spoonful, I either had cups of tea that were more chocolate-forward or nuttier. However, the chocolate taste leaned more artificial for me and stevia was noticeable. I preferred this the blend best when it was slightly cooled or as a latte as it brought out the nutty notes. I was really hoping to like it, but it was not for me. It may still be worth trying for people who like chocolate or hazelnut (2.5/5 rating).

  • Type: Pu-erh tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Medium caffeine
  • Ingredients: Pu’erh tea, Apple, Cocoa peel, Artificial chocolate hazelnut flavouring, Chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, low fat cocoa powder, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin), Brittle pieces (sugar, hazelnut), Cocoa pieces, Hazelnut, Stevia extract.
  • Company: DAVIDsTEA

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Aleacia May 14, 2024 - 10:25 am

Is this coming back my stash is getting low

Tea in Spoons May 14, 2024 - 5:32 pm

Hello Aleacia, I unfortunately can not help you with that as I am not affiliated with DAVIDsTEA.I would suggest you reach out to DAVIDsTEA directly! Hope you are able to get more!


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