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Last week, I shared my matcha recipe and used this latte bundle set. So, I wanted to do a follow-up and dive into the cup and matcha!

Limited Edition Dimple Cup & Latte Bundle

The bundle comes with a dimple cup from Common Good Pottery and a matcha from Amoda Tea. There were six tea options and I opted for the unblended matcha. With matcha lattes, I don’t tend to like additional flavours taking away from the matcha taste.

Common Goods Pottery’s Limited Edition Dimple Cup

Description: “Each dimple cup has its own unique splash design in a matcha latte-inspired colour. The cup is handmade by Esme of Common Goods with a custom design for Amoda.

Common Goods Pottery is founded by Chinese-Canadian potter, Esme Qining Lei. As noted on Amoda’s website, her work ranges from “expressively decorated pieces to minimalist forms with reserved colour use.”

I have slowly started to amass a small collection of colourful mugs. Whenever I see them, it is hard to resist not buying. Seeing this handmade hand-thrown was no exception! It was a lovely balance of minimal design with a cream base and a splash of matcha green colour. As someone who has tried pottery in the past, I have come to admire the craft.

The cup is a nice size and isn’t too heavy. However, it is a bit short to whisk in without something spilling. I liked the dimples on the side from a design perspective and also someone who has smaller hands as it would have been too wide to hold without it. It is handy that it is microwavable, dishwasher, and food safe. However, I handwash it as I don’t want it to chip. For my cup, I have a nice speckled pattern which is pretty and organic. The cup holds a nice amount of liquid and has been my go-to cup to make matcha in as the colour is so fitting (4/5 rating).

Amoda Tea’s Japanese Matcha

Description: “Creamy and full-bodied with vegetal notes and mellow umami, these bold flavours make our Japanese Matcha a favourite of pastry chefs and baristas, and ideal for lattes, smoothies and culinary creations.”

Instructions: °

Review: Opening the pouch, the finely milled matcha was a big bright green colour with a rich, marine, vegetal, and cut grass smell.

I have been trying different milk alternatives, so when I was developing my recipe, I tried it with various kinds of plant-based milk. I tried oat, almond, and walnut.

  • Almond Milk: Almond milk has been my go-to lately as I like the creamy texture and the mild nuttiness. Adding it to the latte, the matcha had a touch of sweetness, along with grassy. Since. it is nut milk, it highlighted the nutty profile of the matcha. The latte was creamy with a hint of bitterness at the back of the throat.

  • Oat Milk: For a long time, I really enjoyed oat milk, however, have been looking for something new. As oat milk has more of a neutral flavour, the grassy and vegetal notes of the matcha were more evident.

  • Walnut Milk: Compared to the other two plant-based milks, I found walnut milk was more watery and had a thinner consistency. The nutty flavour was much stronger, so id did mask most of the matcha profile but had a nice roasted taste. There was some dryness at the back of the throat.
  • Type: Green tea
  • Origin: Uji, Japan
  • Caffeine: Unknown
  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Company: Amoda Tea


Overall, I liked that this matcha (in a latte) had a nice staying power, but wasn’t overly grassy or vegetal. I personally prefer a stronger matcha taste so I opted for 1 teaspoon when making 6 -8 oz matcha lattes. I personally liked almond milk best, followed by oat. This would be nice matcha for people who enjoy matcha lattes but do not want an overly intense matcha taste (4/5 rating).

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