Adagio Teas’ April in Paris | Tea Review

by Tea in Spoons

Since April is here, the name of this blend was fitting! I also liked the scattering of pink flower petals which enhanced the spring vibes.

Description: “Your ticket is this deliciously Parisian blend of black and oolong teas, with sweet pomegranate, vanilla, and light touches of bergamot and caramel flavors.”

Instructions: 212° | 3 mins

Review: The dry blend smelled of floral, citrus, caramel, and vanilla. After opening the pouch, the smell wafted in the air and reminded me of striped strawberry and cream hard candies. Against the dark oolong and black tea leaves, the red and deep pink of the cornflower petals added stark contrast.

Once infused, the deep reddish brown liquor smelled floral, sweet, and fruity. The taste of the tea began with pomegranate and morphed to creamy vanilla, brisk woodiness, and ended with citrus from the bergamot. The liquor had a stronger sweet vanilla, fruity, and berry/pomegranate taste when cooled. The tea left a slightly drying sensation in the back of the throat.

The infused blend was small broken black and brown oolong and black tea leaves with some pale pink from the flower petals.

This blend leaned more sweet and fruity than citrus. As the description from the Adagio Teas suggests, the bergamot is mild. I wouldn’t call this an Earl Grey blend per se but more fruity with a hint of citrus/bergamot. This would be a nice blend for anyone who enjoys fruity and sweet/vanilla blends or enjoys the taste of bergamot but finds Earl Grey blends too aggressive or strong. While this blend didn’t remind me of my time in Paris, I liked it nevertheless (3.5/5 rating).

  • Type: Black tea, Oolong tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: High Caffeine
  • Ingredients: Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Natural Pomegranate Flavor, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Red Cornflowers, Natural Caramel Flavor & Natural Bergamot Flavor
  • Company: Adagio Teas

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