Oollo Tea’s Spring Blossom Baozhong | Tea Review

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Oollo Tea Spring Blossom Baozhong Oolong Tea Spoon

Description: A sweet, smooth cup with notes of vanilla and jasmine blossom.– via Amoda Monthly Box

Review: This tea certainly reminded me of spring with its spiralled tea leaves and pretty flower petals and buds! The dry blend also had a grassy and herbal aroma. The packaging mentioned that the blend could be re-steeped up to 3 times.

Steep 1 (4 mins) – This tea was very clean, with a floral aroma and grassy taste. A nice thing about this blend was that there was no astringency. The liquor was a pale neon yellow.

Steep 2 (3 mins) – The liquor stays primarily the same colour. The taste was a slightly thinner version of Steep 1.

Steep 3 (3ish mins*) – Whereas the first and second steeps had a grassy note, a more floral note comes through in the last steep. The pleasant floral aroma remained throughout the 3 steeps.

In hindsight, I should have brewed the first steep for 3 minutes. However, this tea was fairly hardy because it was able to keep up. When I looked at the wet leaves, all of them were unfurled but it didn’t seem like there were any intact leaves.

I have to say that I enjoyed how this blend was both grassy and floral tasting since it matches its namesake to a tee (tea). This would be a great blend to sip on while reading a relaxing book (3/5 rating).

*I estimated the time because I didn’t hit the timer right at 3 mins

  • Type: Oolong tea
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Caffeine: Low
  • Ingredients: Taiwanese Qingxin oolong, jasmine flowers, calendula petals
  • Company: Oollo Tea


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