Naked Teas Galore’s Strawberry Shortcake | Tea Review

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Naked Teas Galore Strawberry Shortcake Rooibos Tea Spoon

Description: “Creamy and naturally sweet, just like the dessert. There’s buttery smoothness as you sip, then a fruity tartness from the strawberry.” – via Amoda Monthly Box

Review: When I first opened the pouch to this tea, the dry blend did smell a bit like a strawberry shortcake! It was a mix of strawberries with a hint of sweetness, which was great because the liquor smelled the same as well.

The dark red liquor tasted earthy like many of the rooibos blends I’ve tried, but the tail end tasted like strawberries. The sweet strawberry taste lingered in the mouth, which was lovely. I think this would be a great dessert tea, maybe even paired with a shortcake (3/5 rating).

  • Type: Rooibos tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Caffeine-free
  • Ingredients: Red rooibos, honeybush, rosehips, vanilla bean, strawberry leaf, hibiscus flower, natural flavouring
  • Other: Organic
  • Company: Naked Teas Galore


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