Nepali Tea Traders’ Manaslu Spring Tippy | Tea Review

by Tea in Spoons

Nepali Tea Traders Manaslu Spring Tippy Black Tea Spoon.jpg

Description: “This is an interesting cup with layered flavours of spring greens, florals and honey.”  – via Amoda Monthly Box

Review: This is the second Nepali Tea Traders from my Amoda Monthly Box – the first one I tried was Emerald Spring, a green tea. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that this was a green tea as well, since the leaves were fuzzy and much lighter in colour than some of the black teas I’ve had before. I normally expect black teas to have more earthy or malty aromas, but this reminded me of a mossy forest and was mildly floral.

I wasn’t sure what to expect since the dry leaves were so different from what I’ve tried before. Boy, was I surprised! The twine coloured liquor was sweet and haylike. It was very mild and pleasant. It reminded me more of a white tea since it was naturally sweet. While the liquor was mild in flavour, don’t let that fool you – the tea still has medium caffeine (3/5 rating).

  • Type: Black tea
  • Origin: Nepal
  • Caffeine: Medium caffeine
  • Ingredients: Nepalese black tea
  • Company: Nepali Tea Traders

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