Lemon Lily Organic Tea’s Crème Earl Grey | Tea Review



I find a lot of people start their tea journey via Earl Grey! I actually became familiar with tea during dim sum, but I do enjoy a good Earl Grey!

Description: “The crème de la crème of Earl Grey!  This classic favourite is a must for all Creme Earl Grey lovers.”

Instructions: 2 teaspoons | 212°F water | 4-6 minutes 

Review: The instant I opened the packaging of the blend, there was an overwhelming bergamot smell which really lingered in the air. The dark, almost black, leaves were a nice contrast to the pale purple lavender buds. After infusion, the wet leaves unfurled into small little pieces that carried a fairly strong bergamot smell. The dark reddish brown liquor was much more earthy.


I tried this blend a few times at various steeping times. I originally tried it at 5 minutes, which was a bit too brisk for me. At 4 minutes, the blend was much more mellow. The sip started off with a strong hit of bergamot and toasted notes that was quickly followed by astringency which clung to the tongue. I was really hoping to taste more of the lavender but other notes of the blend really overpowered it.

When I read the website, I noticed that the steeping recommendations were slightly different. It suggested 1.5 teaspoons compared to the 2 teaspoons on my packaging. Therefore, this review is based on 2 teaspoons and 4 minutes of steeping. Overall, this would be a good tea for someone who likes a strong black tea with a good amount of brisk. I found that my cheeks tingled a bit after drinking it (3/5 rating)!

  • Type: Black tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Moderate caffeine
  • Ingredients: Organic black tea, organic lavender, natural bergamot
  • Company: Lemon Lily Organic Tea

Question of the post: What are your thoughts on Earl Grey?

4 comments on “Lemon Lily Organic Tea’s Crème Earl Grey | Tea Review”

  1. I love an Earl Grey but for some reason I’ve never been able to find a creme Earl Grey that I actually enjoy. There’s just something about them that’s really off putting to me


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