Tealish Fine Teas’ Tea Loves Coffee | Tea Review

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When it comes to tea and coffee, it seems to be always one or the other. Well, why not both?

Description: “Black tea, coffee beans, cocoa bits, brittle pieces, chocolate chips and yogurt granules come together for a unique full bodied infusion that will have you forgetting about coffee in no time!” 

Instructions: 1 teaspoon loose leaf per cup | Boiling water | Steep in boiling water for 2-5 minutes. 

Review: I personally like coffee and tea! They both have comparable flavours, but also have a wide range of tastes that is unique to each beverage. So, I always like seeing tea blends that incorporate coffee.

Visually, the dry blend was a mix of whole coffee beans in contrast to ingredients such as the hazelnut brittle, yogurt granules and tea leaves. It smelled like mocha and coffee grinds with a sweet note alongside some deeper earthy roasted notes.

After steeping, the leaves had unfurled and were small pieces. It smelled earthy, fruity and cocoa. The liquor was a reddish-brown and it lived up to it’s named and reminded me of coffee! The smell was fairly strong and almost overpowering.


When I steeped at 4 minutes, there were more dark roasted notes and some slight bitterness, much like a black coffee (or tea). The taste reminded me of chicory. When the steeping was reduced to 3 minutes, some sweetness cut through some of the coffee-like bitterness.

However, I liked it best at 2 minutes since it was more like a mocha with a hint of sweetness. 2 minutes is the low end of the recommendations. When cooled, the liquor was more mellow and there was less astringency and bitterness and reminded me of a mocha.

I can see how this mimics coffee! This would pair well with sweets during the afternoon or in the morning for a little wake-me-up (3/5 rating).

  • Type: Black tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Unknown
  • Ingredients: black tea, cocoa bits, hazelnut brittle bits, chocolate chips, coffee beans, natural flavouring, yogurt granules
  • Company: Tealish Fine Teas

The Question of the Post: Do you like coffee?

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