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Since spring is here, I wanted to have a green tea because the grassy and vegetal notes remind me of the season!

Description: “The dry leaf gives off a bold sweet aroma with notes of soy nuttiness and bright green matcha. The liquor aroma is light with just the slightest hint of an orchid aroma, saving everything for the sip.”

Instructions: 3g/150ml at 95°C for 1 ½ min. 3 – 4 infusions.

Review: The thin dry leaves were a dark forest green colour with some baby hairs. It had a fresh cut grass, spinach, and floral smell. The leaves were wild-grown and picked in April 2018. I used a gaiwan and there was a whiff of a sweet pea when the water hit the dry leaves.

Infusion 1 (30 seconds): After 30 seconds, the liquor was a clear pale yellow with a fresh cut grass smell. Despite the almost clear colour, there was a surprising amount of grassy and vegetal flavour, with some roasted notes at the end of the sip. When cooled, the liquor was more nutty and roasted, and mildly drying in the mouth.

Infusion 2 (45 seconds): The liquor was slightly darker yellow and smelled and tasted was predominantly nutty and toasted. In the middle of the sip, the flavour became more vegetal, ending with some astringency.


Infusion 3 (1 minute): Whereas Infusion 2 was nuttier, Infusion 3 returned the vegetal notes. With the strong vegetal note and a hint of floral. At the end of the sip, the astringency coated the mouth and was drying. The olive-green leaves had completely unfurled and were made of two leaves and one bud.

Infusion 4 (1.15 minute): At this point, the liquor was fairly faint with a trace of vegetal and nutty notes.

Overall, this is a lovely green tea! I liked that the flavours switched between vegetal and grassy to more nutty and roasted. The leaves were also very pretty to look and I loved seeing the unfurled two leaves, one bud. (3.5/5 rating).


  • Type: Green tea
  • Origin: China (Mingyue Xia, Chang Xing, Zhejiang Province)
  • Caffeine: Unknown
  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Company: Zhen Tea

The question of the post: What do you like to drink during the springtime?

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