The Tea Practitioner’s Silver Needle – Spring 2019 | Tea Review



Over the years, I have grown to enjoy aged white teas! I was especially interested in this white tea as it comes from Mount Kilimanjaro!

Description: “This Silver Needle from Tanzania is perfect for a connoisseur who’s after light, complex notes that recall artichokes, cedarwood, and honeysuckle.”

Instructions: Glass Teapot | 2g to 3g | 300ml 80°C  (175°C) | 1-2 minutes 

Review:  I remember meeting The Tea Practitioner, Sierra, for the first time at the Toronto Tea Festival this year. When I saw her collection of teas from Mount Kilimanjaro, I knew I had to try them! One of my favourite aspects of tea is comparing teas from the same farm. I purchased the Silver Needle and Kilimanjaro Black, as well as Coffee Flower Tea! This post will focus on the Silver Needle, and I will be reviewing the other teas in the future!


The white tea was picked in Spring 2019 and has undergone some aging. Visually, the tea buds were long and narrow with short fuzz. The dry leaves had a nice fruity, berries and, woody smell. The recommendations suggested using a glass teapot which I thought was interesting because I don’t recall having specific material recommendations in the past! After steeping, the wet leaves were thin and tan with a greenish and brownish hue and a deep earthy, hay, and fruity smell.

I played around with the recommendations and found that 3 grams and 2 minutes were was able to bring out the flavour the best, whereas,  2 grams and 1 minute was a bit too delicate for my tastes. Overall, the amber coloured liquor had sweet fruity and hay flavour. Letting the liquor cool slightly brought out more floral notes that intermixed with the hay sweetness. There was some dryness at the back of the throat after each sip, which becomes more present as the liquor cooled. I’ve had this tea multiple times since I got it and I really enjoy it! Can’t wait to try more from Mount Kilimanjaro (3.5/5 rating).

  • Type: White tea
  • Origin: Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  • Caffeine: Unknown
  • Ingredients: White tea
  • Company: The Tea Practitioner

The question of the post: Have you ever had tea from Mount Kilimanjaro before?

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