DAVIDsTEA’s Butterfly Jasmine | Tea Review

by Tea in Spoons

Whenever I see handmade tea, I can’t help but purchase the tea because they are so beautiful and unique.

Description: “Handpicked tea leaves from the Fujian region in China are layered with fresh jasmine petals for a sweet floral aroma, then shaped into pretty little butterflies that unfurl as they steep.”

Instructions: 1-2 Perfect Teaspoon | 475ml (16oz) | 85°C/185°F  

Review: The Butterfly Jasmine was different from the more common jasmine teas which are unrolled or rolled into a pearl. The dry leaves had a lovely jasmine scent which wasn’t overly strong. Each bundle of tea was neatly rolled. Despite the name and description of the tea stating “butterfly,” the rolled tea reminded me more of cocoons like the Zomba Pearls from Malawi.

After one heaping Perfect Teaspoon and 2 minutes of steeping, while the leaves had unfurled, some of the rolled tea maintained a cocoon-like shape. Once the bundles had unfurled, it was clear that the rolled tea bundles were made of multiple tea leaves and buds pickings shaped together. The olive green leaves were long and was reminiscent of spinach. The wet leaves had a dominating jasmine smell.

The liquor was a clear medium tan amber colour with a faint jasmine smell. The tea had a lovely jasmine taste as well. Despite the much stronger aroma from the dry leaves and the wet leaves, the tea itself had a rather delicate taste. When cooled, the tea really had a chance to shine. The jasmine taste was much stronger with hints of vegetal, roasted, and nutty. The floral jasmine notes lingered and swirled around the mouth.

Since I personally do not prefer overpowering flower smell as they come off like “perfume” to me, I liked that this tea had a more mellow smell and taste. I ended up drinking this during the afternoon as I was eating some cheese and grapes and it was a lovely combination. Handmade teas also remind me of my time in Japan and trying handrolled tea (3.5/5 rating)!

  • Type: Green tea
  • Origin: China
  • Caffeine: Low caffeine
  • Ingredients: Chinese green tea from Fujian Province, scented with jasmine flowers
  • Other: Kosher
  • Company: DAVIDsTEA

The question of the post: What does this jasmine tea shape remind you of?

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Lu Ann October 23, 2020 - 7:53 am

Ooooh! Now I want to pair some jasmine teas with cheese and grapes!

teainspoons October 29, 2020 - 10:14 pm

Yes! It was a fun pairing!


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