Steve’s Tea Company’ Peach Ice Cream Delight (ft. Amoda Tea) | Tea Review

by Tea in Spoons

As someone who always likes ice cream, no matter what season, I was ready to dive in when I saw this blend in my monthly Amoda Tea box!

Description: “This herbal infusion steeps a gorgeous red hue and is full of peach flavour with a hint of cream to replicate the cool summer treat.”

Instructions: 1 teaspoons | 8 oz | freshly boiled | 3 – 5 minutes

Review: The dry blend was an assortment of fall leaf colours with a mixture of tans, browns, dark orange, and magenta. It smelled floral, hibiscus, fruity, and sweet.

As soon as the hot water hit the blend, the water turned into a pale violet colour which gradually transformed to a deep magenta colour. I try not to read the ingredients when I taste a new blend so I’m not swayed on how it should taste. Therefore, I was a bit surprised by the colour since I was expecting a more peachy colour, despite having seen all the hibiscus!

After infusing the tisane, the dark wine colour liquor tasted like a spiced holiday drink of apples, spices and, berries. It had an underlying tartness and floral note from the hibiscus and a faint peach flavour at the back of the throat. The wet blend smelled like the liquor – hibiscus, berry, and fruity.

Since the blend was meant to evoke the idea of ice cream, I decided to chill some of the tisane in the fridge overnight. When cold, the tisane reminded me of a strawberry and peach jam. It was sweet and refreshing and the tart notes of the hibiscus were mellowed out and there was a stronger floral character.

Overall, this is a nice blend if you enjoy more floral blends, specifically hibiscus. If you aren’t the biggest hibiscus fan, I would recommend chilling the tisane as it softens the tartness. I liked this blend chilled best. Since this is a heavier blend, I would suggest shaking the pouch to mix up the ingredients because in my first cup, the tisane was much more tart. Lastly, I noticed the Amoda website recommending making this into a tea popsicle which would be a nice treat (3/5 rating).

  • Type: Herbal tea
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Caffeine: Caffeine-free
  • Ingredients: Apple, rosehip, hibiscus, peach pieces, chamomile petals, natural flavours
  • Company: Steve’s Tea Company (ft. Amoda Tea)

The question of the post: Do you scream for ice cream?

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