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by Tea in Spoons

Sometimes on a warm afternoon, I like brewing a fruity tea to sip on. Since the brand’s name has the word “Momo” in it which is Japanese for “peach,” it seemed like a fitting blend to try.

Description: “You will enjoy the natural sweetness from Sencha + Peach flavor and rhubarb chips.”

Instructions: Pour boiled water into tea cups (Around 80ml per Japanese tea cup). | Put tea leaves into tea pot using 2 to 3g per person. (2g = 1/2 tbsp) | Once water in tea cups cool to ​90°C/194F pour into teapot. | Wait 1 min[.] Pour evenly bit by bit back and forth from cup to cup. Make sure to pour one last drop into the cup so that you able to enjoy the second cup as well.

Review: I want to also add that the owner of Momo Tea is also named “Momo” so, double meaning! That being said when it comes to the tea itself, I brewed it using two methods. I steeped the blend using the recommendations from the website but to ensure a constant tasting experience, I warmed the cup with boiling water first, then brewed the tea at 90°C.

The dry blend was mostly jade green needle-shaped sencha leaves with a scattering of pale yellows and pinks. It had a lovely sweet fruity peach smell.

Brewing the tea as recommended, I used a Shiboridashi tea steeper (from Secret Teatime) with 4 grams of the tea and 160 ml of water. I then added boiling water to two small cups and let the water cool till the cups were comfortable to the touch. I then poured the water from the cups into the teapot with the blend, which imparted a sweet peach smell and brewed the tea for a minute. The slightly cloudy bright yellow liquor smelled peachy and reminded me of peach candy. The liquor had a nice mellow flavour – it was sweet, peachy, vegetal, and nutty.

In other steeping sessions, I used 3-4 grams of tea and warmed the brewing vessel first, then used the recommended temperature. The flavour was very similar with notes of juicy peach and vegetables. The peach flavour lingered in the mouth. The cooled liquor picked up a bit of bitterness at the tail end of the sip. With 3 grams of tea, the taste was a bit more floral. The infused leaves were small and broken and had a peach and vegetal aroma.

Overall, this tea hit the mark when I was looking for a sweet fruity tea. I found I preferred 2 g of the tea compared to 3 g. While there were more flavours with more tea, the liquor overall was mildly bitter and astringent. This would be a nice green tea for someone who isn’t the biggest fan of how vegetal sencha/green teas can taste and like sweet, fruity, or peach flavours (4/5 rating).

  • Type: Green tea
  • Origin: Shizuoka, Japan
  • Caffeine: Unknown
  • Ingredients: Green tea, rhubarb, peach flavor
  • Company: Momo Tea

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